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  • Speed Class: Class 10, UHS Speed Class 1
  • Read Speed: 100 MB/s
  • Specialised for Full HD recording
  • X-ray Proof


Perfect Design

Intelligent Display

Superior Design Meets Protection


Delightful Design

Accessible Functions

Stylish Safety

  • This handy 27piece mixed drill bit set & hand screw driverset from Bosch for usingwith power drills and screwdrivers.
  • For drilling and screwing in different materials
  • Clear layout and easy removal of attachment
  • Can be used for DIY, great impulse purchase, perfect gift idea
  • The Bosch 27 Piece X-Line Accessory Set consists of the following5 HSS metal drill bits dia. 2,2,3,4,5mm
  • 5 TC masonry drill bits dia. 5,5.5,6,7,8mm
  • 5 wood drill bits dia. 4,5,6,7,8mm  
  • 10 screwdriver bits L=25mm (1 of each: PH 1/2/2/3, PZ 1/2/2/3, SL 4/6, ) magnetic universal holder
  • Hand screwdriver with rubber grip
  • 24 durable screwdriver bits in 25 mm length for all standard screw types and sizes.
  • 2 magnetic universal holders for fast bit changes and a reliable screw hold in the bit.
  • 8 nutsetters for hexagon-head screws.
  • All accessories are stored neatly and practically in the handy soft bag.
  • Suitable for all common power tool brands and manual screwdrivers.
  • Multi Purpose Set
  • Easy to Use and Store
  •  stress-free grip which makes using them easy and interesting.
  •  for charging Canon Battery NB-8L
  •  for canon digital compact camera A2200, A3000, A3100, A3200is & A3300is
  • Battery Charger for DIGITAL IXUS, IXUS v, v2, v3, 300,330,400, 430 and 500
  • Approx. 130 minutes Charging time
  • Charge Plate
  • Output DC12V 500 mA
  • Portable Design
  • Prevents Stray Light from Entering Lens
  • Protects Lens from Impact and Rain